I have been attempting to write and maintain a blog about my studies, professional work and personal adventures but so far, I am only successful in signing up, choosing templates I like and writing some posts. I have not been able to sustain any of the sites so here I am again starting a new one and (again) hoping to maintain it.

This decision came out when just recently, my computer told me that it no longer has enough space to store my files. I have an external hd but it is likewise filled to capacity. I would like to save my photos and even though I normally upload them on my social media accounts, I am not that confident that it would stay there perpetually. I remember storing pictures in my Friendster some years ago, but they are all gone now since the then popular site became a social gaming platform. So as another storage back up, I have thought of using this blog to keep record of my valuable photographs and share about the stories behind them as well.

I have chosen “Filipino Rover” as the title, simply to describe my experiences as I wander from place to place here in the Philippines and in some lucky opportunities, in other countries. People who know me well will tell you that I have a strong sense of being a Filipino, (a Marikeño, to be more specific), hence, you may notice that in my tone and voice when write my stories here.